Welcome to Lubbock Texas!

Moving to a new town can be a challenging transition. Trying to make a foreign place feel like home takes time, but it helps if you have neighbors who can show you the ropes and draw this community closer to your heart so that it feels like you’re coming home.

That is why the Lubbock Greeter Service was established.  Since 1980, the Lubbock Greeter Service has been visiting 75 – 100 newcomers each month. You will fall in love with everything from the friendliness of the people to the thriving charm of the “mom and pop” local businesses.  Lubbock is easily accessible without metro traffic graced with amazing scenery and unbelievable sunsets.

Although our directories and web site have the potential to reach thousands regionally and countless via the internet, Cindy and her staff retain the roots of the business which they regard as their “ministry” by offering hospitality and West Texas style with every home visit. We are ready to answer newcomers’ questions!

We can come to your home, meet with you and drop off a welcome basket. In it you’ll find an area map as well as lots of information about attractions of local interest such as parks. In it you will also find selected local businesses for their integrity & commitment to Lubbock Newcomers.

The Hostess Will Bring You:

•   A map of Lubbock County
•   A list of important phone numbers
•   A voter registration form & letter from the mayor of Lubbock
•   Lubbock County recycling information
•   Lubbock Greeter Service Childrens & Church Directory
•   Select Sponsors chosen by the Lubbock Greeter Service
•   Free gifts such as a dental kit, band-aid holder, business card holder, rain gauge, etc.
•   Gift certificates valued up to $200.00

•   Savings you need… Pertaining to Insurance, Roofing, Cell Phones, Dental, Etc.

Our Mission at The Lubbock Greeter Service is to warmly welcome you and inform you of the many benefits and services available to you.  We proudly promote and encourage you to select local businesses and agencies and encourage you to become an integral part of your new community!

Check out the On Line Directory located on the right hand side of each page. Please click on their address for more information on how they can assist you on getting established in Lubbock.

If you have moved to Lubbock within the past year, you can “knock on our door” by giving us a call at 806-792-9911, sending us an email at cindy@lubbockgreeter.com or fill out the form on the Contact Page of our website.

The Lubbock Greeter Service Greeters & Staff