The Facts

Welcome to Lubbock Texas!

Question:  How does the Lubbock Greeter Service welcome newcomers?

Answer:  The hostess calls to schedule an appointment so to personally deliver the welcome package and welcome the new neighbor or new business in person.

Question:  How many newcomers are welcomed each year?

Answer:  We locate approximately 750 newcomers and 240 new businesses each year

Question:  What will the newcomers receive at the delivery?

Answer:  Important and relevant information so to meet the newcomers needs to establish well in their new community.   Gift certificates, information on hospitals and doctors, children and church directories and many other services and businesses all of which are some of our favorites selected just for the newcomer.

Question:  How long has the Lubbock Greeter Service operated in Lubbock?

Answer:  For over 30 Years!

Question:  Can I send a hostess to greet a newcomer?

Answer:  Yes please!  Call us at 792-9911 and give us the information we will need to contact them.  If you would like, we will tell them you sent us.